Useful Knowledge about the Professional Bamboo Charcoal Machine

Have you ever used biomass charcoal? If yes, do you have any idea how it’s produced?. Well, some of the biomass charcoal is made from bamboo with the help of a charcoal making machine. This is usually a machine using carbonization technology to produce charcoal from biomass including raw materials such as coconut shells, rice husk, sawdust, wood, bamboo or sewage sludge. Bamboo Charcoal Machine is among the most used machines in this industry of charcoal making and has been able to adopt an advanced carbonization process to facilitate the conversion of bamboo into charcoal as well as other great end products.


(1). Bamboo Charcoal Machine uses a carbonization technology that;

  • Requires less investment
  • Has a lower running cost
  • Requires a smaller area
  • Has a short construction period
  • High production efficiency
  • The process is not only easy but simple
  • Offers a longer and better service life
Bamboo Charcoal Making Machine
Bamboo Charcoal Machine for Sale

(2). This bamboo charcoal making machine has an automatic feeder, discharging and combustion systems that enable it to run uninterrupted production process, that is, while one side feeds the other discharges all at the same time and the feeding speed can automatically be adjusted.

(3). Its furnace has a temperature detection that controls its working state and ensures the safety of the operator and the machine.

(4). The central control of the Bamboo Charcoal Machine is designable upon client’s request to separate the machine and operator.

(5). The combustion device has a pressure gauge and pressure relief values as well as an electronic device for ignition. This machine is made in a way that the combustible gas can be recycled.

(6). The Carbonizing instrument has a protective shell that prevents the body from connecting directly with the high temperature and avoid scalding.

(7). The machine has a control system which is standardized to ensure safety. Additionally, it has a smoke-free, professional desulfurized cooling systems

(8). The device for sealing the feed and discharge system assures safe production as well as a clean environment.

Charcoal Making Machine
Charcoal Making Equipment

The carbonization process of Bamboo Charcoal Machine

There are various raw materials that this machine can use to produce charcoal including, municipal solid waste, household/livestock waste, wood such as construction and polluted timber, and green waste together with crop waste. Similar to the wood carbonization furnace, the working process of a bamboo charcoal machine is as follow,

-The gasifier equipment produces the gas fuel through the heating of the raw material

-The carbonization stove uses that gas fuel to heat the raw materials

-Dust is removed from the gas by the recycling water.

-The gas is removed by the gas-cleaner device thus can be used for heating without polluting the environment

-Charcoal is cooled when it is being discharged

Carbonization process

(a). Crush the bamboo into small pieces and dry them to reduce moisture

(b). Heat them in the kiln

(c). Pipe the produced smoke into the purification system for removal of sulfur

(d). Discharge the carbonized charcoal at thirty degrees of temperature

(e). Liquefy the combustible gas from the carbonization furnace by condensing it to convert to tar or wood vinegar.

Factors to consider when buying a Bamboo Charcoal Machine

Followings are the suggestions provided by BestonGroup Henan Company while you are purchasing the machine.


A machine with better quality assures good functionality of its parts and therefore resulting in the production of improved quality charcoal. It should have better wear and corrosion resistance.


A high working efficiency means high product yield and thus high profit. A good machine should ensure continuous process with a minimum strength of labor and time. Ensure that the carbonization process realizes self-energy support

A unique structure of kiln

Ensure that the bamboo charcoal kiln makes the hot source to be in contact with the raw material at least 3times from the start. and that the PLC control system is working well for error reduction.


Evaluate the cost of buying it and the expected profits. A good Bamboo Charcoal Machine should create good profit from little investment like less cost of hiring workforce and reduces energy leakage.

There are those machines that apply the technology of pyrolysis to recycle waste rubber tyres or oil sludge into fuel oil or carbon black. These machines are called pyrolysis plants and when they combine that technology with carbonization they may be referred to as biomass charcoal making machine. They have a garbage separation and recycling system which sorts all kind of waste into various categories by the help of a magnetic operator, winnowing or screening machines.