Why Are Many Businesses Interested in Charcoal Making Machine?

Charcoal making machine in South Africa has drawn the attention of various businesses all over the world. Why are many businesses interested in charcoal making equipment? The plain answer is high quality, in-demand output – biomass charcoal. Aside from high-quality output, the equipment uses cheap and easily available waste as raw materials. Let’s assess the process and benefits of this highly popular machine.

Various Raw Materials

Usually, agricultural waste is used as the main materials, such as rice husk, palm shell, bagasse, coconut shells, olive shells, palm shells, bamboo, etc.  Since there are many sawmills in South Africa, sawdust charcoal making machine is very popular there. Except for agricultural waste, civil sludge, municipal sludge, industrial sludge, and MSW can also be carbonized by using the charcoal making machine.

Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine
Sawdust Charcoal Making Machine to Russia

Charcoal Making Process

The charcoal maker from Beston Machinery involves a green process of making charcoal. The whole process is safe and simple. Also, the machine consumes very little energy during production. Generally, the production line of charcoal consists of four main systems. These are drying, biomass pyrolysis system, dedusting, and discharging system. Let’s understand each of the process minutely.


Most of the wastes that you get are wet. Recycling such wastes is really tough. To resolve this issue, all the raw materials are passed through a drying system. It’s here the materials lose their moisture content. Once the materials become dry, they’re moved on to the subsequent process of pyrolysis.

Biomass pyrolysis

In this stage, the raw materials are fed to the carbonizing furnace for pyrolysis at higher temperatures. The process of decomposition starts once the temperature reaches 300-600 degrees centigrade. Here, the waste materials disintegrate into charcoal and combustible gas. When you are looking for charcoal making machine for sale, you should pay more attention to the carbonization host. Beston Machinery has a patent technology of the reactor, which can work continuously.

Beston Charcoal Production Machine
Beston Charcoal Production Machine

Dedusting system

Since combustible gas contains harmful sulfur, it’s heated in the furnace. In the meantime, a condensation system extracts wood vinegar and tar. Due to the multiplicity of the dedusting system, it’s easy to exhaust the leftover gas safely.

Discharging system

Due to high temperature, getting charcoal directly is pretty dangerous. To do away with this problem, Beston’s charcoal making machine for sale includes a system for cooling down charcoal to 30 degrees centigrade. Once the charcoal cools down, the discharge system collects it in a separate collector. It’s from here the high caloric value charcoal is sent to various markets.

To improve the quality of biomass charcoal, Beston’s plant adopts an exclusive design – double-layer charcoal carbonizing furnace. Such a design increases the efficiency of the carbonizing process to a great extent. At the same time, it also improves the charcoal’s carbon content. Charcoal with higher carbon content carries a higher caloric value, which has higher monetary value in the market. Here is a video from Beston Youtube showing the working process of the charcoal machine.

Features and Benefits of Charcoal Machine

Reasonable investment

Investing in a pyrolysis plant can be a costly proposition. However, Beston Machinery offers cost-effective plants to suit the budget of all classes of investors. If you compare the cost of the charcoal machine with other suppliers, you’ll conclude that the Beston’s plant is a far more affordable deal.

Low maintenance

Any heavy duty recycling plant endures normal wear and tear. However, you’ve to expend a lot of money on ongoing maintenance to keep the machine running continuously. That can dent your regular working capital substantially. However, the charcoal machine from Beston Group demands little care and upkeep on your part. Without expending too much on maintenance, you can run your plant continuously and produce high caloric charcoal in a bigger quantity again and again.

Environmental friendly

Most of the recycling plants give out smoke and dust that harm the environment. Also, such elements affect the health of workers in the recycling facility. However, the charcoal maker carries out the complete pyrolysis in a closed structure and doesn’t throw out any harmful emissions in the atmosphere. By using waste as materials, the plant actually helps the environment.

Concluding Thoughts

Beston Machinery’s charcoal making machine is one of the most cost-effective and profitable recycling business opportunities in South Africa. Without putting in too much money, you could transform waste into wealth. So why not buy this profitable plant and contribute to a safer environment at the same time?